Chapter 2. Part 1.

--------------------- 10:00 am-------------- -Hey Lisa, are we still going to your house tonight? Maria and Jimena just called me to see if the annual reunion is still on. - I don't know Jaz, I got a lot on my plate. Pablo is really depressed, I don't want to be inconsiderate. It hasn't even been a… Continue reading Chapter 2. Part 1.


Chapter 1. Part 6

Jazmin was walking anxiously around her house. She wondered what Lisa was going to say. She probably saw her with Pablo or maybe he told her everything and now their friendship was forever ruined. She had always had a dreadful fear of disappointing Lisa and therefore she always worked to maintain the best version of… Continue reading Chapter 1. Part 6

Chapter 1. Part 3.

-Jaz- Lisa shouted from the party in her drunk, high pitched voice- get back here right now! -I’ll be right there Lisa- Jaz said as she returned downstairs The party was louder now, everyone was packed, like sardines, in Lisa’s living room. The entire house smelled like cheap liquor and weed. - You must try… Continue reading Chapter 1. Part 3.

Chapter 1. Part 2

 The Sunday that Pablo and Jazmin met, she woke up with the strongest pain she had ever felt. Her stomach, dancing to her African beats, was predicting the disease that would hunt her for the next thirteen years. That night she dreamed that she was falling into a deep, deep hole and as she fell the hole… Continue reading Chapter 1. Part 2

Streaming Novel. Chapter 1. Part 1

Jazmin woke up drenched in sweat, her black hair tangled in her curls that decorated her head like spiderwebs. She looked at herself in the mirror, she had always loved the way her body looked, voluptuous, unapologetic. She was thirty-two now, but she looked younger, her eyes, too big for her face gave her an angelic… Continue reading Streaming Novel. Chapter 1. Part 1

Hispanic vs. Latino(a): Is there a difference?

When I was a freshman in college I took Introduction to Latin American Studies. I enrolled in the class because I wanted to know more about my own culture and the history of other Latin American countries. On the first day of class the professor, before even telling us his name, told us that we… Continue reading Hispanic vs. Latino(a): Is there a difference?

Top Three Latinas Protagonists in Popular TV Shows Today

There has been a problem of misrepresentation of Latinas in popular media for a long, long time. Most of the times we see Latinas in roles such as the maid or the babysitter (For example in the popular show Devious Maids the Latina characters are well developed and present in every episode but the show… Continue reading Top Three Latinas Protagonists in Popular TV Shows Today

A recipe (sort of) for rice and beans

If Latin America had to choose one typical dish to represent the entire region, it would definitely, without a doubt, be rice and beans. A perfect plate of rice and beans, however, is a work of art. Depending on where you are from (and even between families) the recipe changes a little. Here I offer… Continue reading A recipe (sort of) for rice and beans

On the experience of being a child immigrant by a child immigrant

We know that being an immigrant is tough. Adapting to a new culture, a new language and a new community. When we think about the prototype of an immigrant, we usually imagine a middle age person struggling to obtain a piece of the American dream. In our discussions, we often undermine the effect that immigration… Continue reading On the experience of being a child immigrant by a child immigrant